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Balancing Blends


Both palate-pleasing and aromatic, our unique blend of herbs, berries, and flowers bring you the best of both worlds: the euphoric lift of THC with the relaxing properties of CBD. Caffeine-free, these tea blends are great after a long day at work or right before bedtime.

10 MG CBD : 10 MG THC

Success Prosperitea

Enriching blend with lemon flavour curated for de-stressing using organic herbs such as apple, ginger, lemongrass, yaupon, and more.

10 MG CBD : 10 MG THC

Sparkle Vitalitea

Elevating blend with apple aroma curated to soothe headaches, cramps, and more using organic herbs such as valerian root, peppermint, lemon balm, and more.